Born in Kigoma in 1991 and raised in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Imani Nsamila is a young independent photographer focused on environment, photo journalism, political and documentary photography. Imani has worked, in political arenas in Tanzania during the 2015 race to presidency, with His Excellency Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, Hon. January Makamba and he witnessed part of Liberia presidential election in 2017. Imani as an independent photographer has captured almost every part of Tanzania and also some parts of Europe including Germany,Netherlands, France, Czech Republic and other countries when he self funded his tour to document cities.

Nature has an interesting way of pushing us into doing what we need and what we must and Imani should not have been a photographer if it wasn’t for that. His dream was to make films and record videos and he’s thankful for his parents for their efforts that saw him attend a filmmaking college. Unfortunately Imani could not complete his studies after being involved in a car accident that broke his arm (left an open fracture) and it was so hard for him to balance his camera while shooting videos and had to quit his dream.

Imani wasn’t fully recovered from the accident when he requested to volunteer and take still pictures at an event. He volunteered for Climate Change Caravan as a photographer and they let him travel across regions in Tanzania to work for them. It was at this moment that he realized his real talent was hidden behind his love for making films. He fell in love with photography and nothing was ever the same. He realized he possesses an ability to freeze amazing moments and paint reality with his camera so generations may enjoy and share such beauty.

His journey started rough but today he is glad that he picked that camera and went to take those pictures. From being January Makamba’s official photographer during his race for presidency nomination to being the youngest official photographer during President Magufuli’s presidential campaigns and took most pictures for his branding material including some for billboards, social media and pictures of high ranking officials for their campaigns.

Imani Nsamila.

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